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The Advanced Speaker & Influencer.


We provide tailored and specific personal one on one Coaching between 2 and 6 people in key influencing and client facing roles for them to improve personal presence, impact and client engagement skills.


It incorporates powerful techniques drawn from acting/theatre performance training.

The coaching process can cover a range of different needs - personal presence, voice skills, confidence building, key messaging, presentation design, public speaking skills required for the effective delivery of keynotes, major conferences and board presentations.

It is delivered as a 2-day one on one workshop and incorporates additional personal coaching.

Advanced Speaker & Influencer training provides

The principles of transformational and influential presence.


Preparation and rehearsal techniques to increase confidence and engagement.


How to minimise and manage performance anxiety.


Techniques to increase audience interaction, attention and synergetic buy-in.


How to structure an effective presentation.


Develop and finesse your signature stories.


Streamline and strengthen your performance.


Learn how to internalise (vs. memorise) the material.


Determine the strongest, most effective performance choices possible.


Effectively rehearse the material for optimum engagement, flow, and impact.