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The Advanced Communicator & Connector​.



This program provides individual coaching aimed at CEO’s, C-Level leaders and other executives.


It incorporates 8 powerful techniques drawn from acting/theatre performance develops the personal presence, influence and communication skills necessary for leaders to be effective figureheads responsible for informing, connecting, building trust, motivating and influencing teams, peers, colleagues, board directors, customers, stakeholders and clients.

The specifically tailored for each individual, giving expert advice, guidance and coaching are delivered privately and discreetly.

The coaching process involves a series of regularly scheduled one on one sessions for 2 to 4 Directors / CEO's.


Advanced Communicator & Connector Programme provides


How to build trust – be your perfect self.


How to empower your people to take action and encourage decision making.


The skill to communicate to drive change and behaviours in the present.


How to keep your people focused on the key relationships that your organisation depends on for success.

How to build trust in all internal and external relationships.


Importance of understanding your audiences, big or small, before you communicate with them.

Learn effective listening to be one of your best strengths in order to ask the right questions.


Make your every point of view simple to understand and communicate your messages with compelling energised attitude.

How to use stories (personal included) and anecdotes to inspire the right behaviours and actions.

Learn to be aware of the non-verbal signals you send through your body language and your behaviours.