Video Camera

Impactual Media Presence - Communication through the lens.


Our programme is very unique & one of a kind because we are the first to have combined the best skills and techniques that film directors teach to present-day award-winning actors (Acting for real life) with the latest leadership competence knowledge with the most effective presentation & communication techniques existing today.

This training will provide


  • Prepare you with techniques and tools on how to have an impactful media presence.

  • Techniques for dealing with unexpected and challenging questions.

  • Provide you with skills on how to perform extremely well in recorded TV interviews, press conferences, talking to journalists.

  • Knowledge - Strategy – Execution and playback makes creates the perfect self.

  • Teach you how to hone in on the relevant replies & questions.


  • On your messages, answer complex questions and master communication in front of the camera and your audience.

  • Skills to deliver clear and effective messages.

  • The ability to interpret and engage your audience through the lens.

  • Skills on how to use and control your voice more effectively when speaking in public and on a 121 basis.

  • Each Course has a healthy percentage of filming and playback to understand self and others awareness alongside effective learning.