“Paul’s methods help focus on the positive aspects of planning and organising, to take back control by being proactive and creating new opportunities, while sustaining positive energy. It’s really helped me set and achieve goals and motivate me to be bolder with my aspirations. I’m finding I’m saying ‘yes I can’ more and achieving more than I realised I could. Brilliant!”


Jennifer Preston

Multi-Award Winning Actress

United Kingdom


“Anders is incredible at helping leaders identify core issues that stand in the way of their success. He addresses how to effectively lead different styles, and how to truly communicate powerfully inside of organisations. He is wonderful speaker, filled with passion and enthusiasm for helping companies, and their people be great!”


Christine Nielsen

Transformational Coach and Consultant



"Anders is a skilled engineer with an executive business mindset. With his extensive background and he is now a very valuable and sought-after corporate coach. Anders is skilled in both strategic thinking and leadership matters. He has a passion for the practical use of neuroscience and how people can change their mindset and behaviour for increased performance. He is a great leader of people and has a proven record of results from leading several large organisations. Anders is also a very inspiring and powerful speaker with a big heart for helping others become their best. I can highly recommend Anders to help you and/or your company to become more and take your business to the next level."

Haavard Helmen

Country Manager/CEO at Qeep 


Haavard Helmen5.jpg

Paul enhanced my vision of my first social media advert.

My main aim was to get a message across promoting the sales of my unique health products.

I was extremely nervous and doubtful about doing this successfully. 

However, with his patient attitude, understanding and excellent coaching skills, I achieved and exceeded more than I could imagine and in a very short period of time.

I now have clients in the US, Europe, including

Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg and across UK.

My achievements, in such a short period of time are nothing short of extraordinary.

I feel empowered,confident and curious to explore more work in front of the lense.

Cant wait to do it again. Thank you its been life changing.

Philomena Shiels

Founder of Hope in Health

United Kingdom