What started as a profound interest to anything engineered, made Anders a successful leader during his wide global corporate career of 25 years in the highly competitive engineering domain.

Anders is known to be very efficient at helping leaders identify the roadblocks that stand in the way of their success. He enhances different leadership styles and efficient communication inside teams & organisations. Anders is a powerful communicator. He is filled with enthusiasm and has a passion for helping people and companies to achieve their highest potential.

Anders lives today full-heartedly by the purpose of improving the world by creating excellent leaders.

Anders BE. Eklund

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"There is no communication without connection"

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Paul J Lane cert. ICSA

"Your life is a Movie, write your script and star in it"

Paul is a qualified professional Life, Business and Film Coach with 25 years experience in all 3 stated fields.

A multi-award winning Film Director with a passion to deliver your vision of cultural profitability alongside a life time aspiration of the true value of leading by example.

He is the founder of the award winning

Film Actors Academy in London United Kingdom which currently holds 53 awards and 13 nominations internationally in all aspects of film making.     

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